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“Mosso*”: Active Summer Holidays in Tirol (Austria)

*mosso = eventful

What does Mozart Vital Hotel do in the summer? Hiking, biking, playing tennis, swimming, horse riding, rafting, rock climbing, hiking through rivers and glaciers, enjoying adventures in the Alps – and sunbathing. Whatever you fancy and whatever the weather allows for. In short: It treats itself to fantastic active holidays in the summer and wellness is also part of it!

Active Summer Holidays in Tirol (Austria)

Get your life moving. This is easy in the Tiroler Oberland area: Besides of classic Tirolean holiday experiences like hiking and cycling, trend sports also attract guests to the Alps. Rafting, paragliding, skating, tubing etc. are on the programme too and sometimes a slackline is set up across a mountain brook. As hip as Tirol can be, as active is the summer! Besides sports highlights typical of a mountain area, worlds of experience rank among the active programme points of your holidays: the family holiday paradise of Fiss Serfaus Ladis or the spectacular Area 47 in the Ă–tztal valley: an unparalleled adrenaline rush in the Alps.


Summer Exercises in the Outdoors.

A rolling stone gathers no moss. But once in a while it’s just great not to have to move too much to get started. The hotel’s area features a tennis court, biotopes, a giant trampoline and Austria’s longest hotel water slide…with the bathing lake set next to it, featuring a beach volleyball court…fantastic hiking routes into the majestic Alps start at the hotel – and the lift also operates in the summer. Speaking of convenient: If you think you deserve a break after so much activity than you are right: Wellness is part of active holidays in Tirol (Austria) …it has to be.

Specialists for Active Summer Holidays.

Fit as Mozart Vital Hotel presents itself (not only in good weather) – we know our limits! We have professional partners on site that are experts as far as Alpine sports are concerned. Rather than being envious of them, we cooperate with them: Bike tours are e.g. offered by the alpine guides of the region. Our perfect partner for rafting, tubing, canyoning & co are the adventure specialists of “H2O”, for electric bikes our partner is the company of “Movelo” and for horse riding there is no better partner than Manni’s Ranch. Oh, and of course Amadeus is ace when it comes to active holidays – concerning family holidays no one is as flexible and agile as him.

Wellness and Relaxation.

We say yes to active holidays, but not without wellness treatments! The most important part about sports: Regeneration! Recovery! That is what the Mozart wellness world offers! You generally prefer the more relaxing side of active holidays? Want to enjoy your holidays instead of do sports? Relaxing and lazing around are your favourite disciplines? Well, make a sport of it – nothing could be easier during active holidays in Tirol (Austria).

“Mozart makes summer holidays active”:

  • Private tennis court, squash, gym
  • Biotopes in the hotel park, Ried bathing lake
  • Guided hikes and mountain bike tours
  • Near theme parks and "worlds of experience" for family holidays are Fiss Serfaus Ladis, Area 47, Horse Riding Ranch, Iceman’s Village
  • Summer Card: many services included; with the Gold Card you can enjoy even more sports and fun in the Tiroler Oberland

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