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Brezina Adventure Mountains: Hiking, Exploring, Discovering with Children


Hiking with children - a no-go? The Brezina* Adventure Mountains strike new paths into nature and life and turn your holidays upside down. The concept of these exceptional hikes has been awarded many prizes.


Bound for adventure.

Magnifier, compass, spy-glass… equipped with a rucksack packed for adventure children explore Brezina’s Adventure Mountains and experience hikes with a difference. On their way to an airplane, witches' house and tree house they comb nature, explore, puzzle and marvel – and they forget that they actually don’t like hiking. Normally. But nothing is normal in the Adventure Mountains: a researcher lives in a tree house, the crash pilot might be a woman and the witches’ house stands upside down – so does the view that hiking with children was boring!

Holidays and nature off the beaten tracks!

The Adventure Mountains are an innovative programme that opens up new views of mountains, nature and life. The concept was developed by the popular children’s book writer Thomas Brezina for parents and children. Actually the concept to link hiking – travelling – experiencing is trend-setting. The Adventure Mountains have received coveted prizes: the “Best of Austria 2007” award and the “Category Award Outdoor & Hiking”. When you travel with your family you can experience more – especially if you head for the Brezina Adventure Mountains.

Brezina Adventure Mountains 1: Family Expedition to the Mysterious Airplane

Emergency take-down at 2,000 m altitude: The sports plane is buried almost to the cockpit at a pasture at Alpkopf. Young and older detectives have to find out what caused the crash on a hike. They search for things that were thrown out of the plane and evaluate reports of eye witnesses. Is the pilot still alive? Is it a woman? And what was he (she) doing in the Adventure Mountains?

Brezina Adventure Mountains 2:
Witches’ Trail to the Mystic Witches’ House

On their way in the adventure mountains children experience strange things. A witches’ house that has turned a somersault? Mirrors that hang high up in the trees? You need to be quite skilled to get there in the first place: You have to identify strange sounds, cross obstacles and pass through mysterious doors… When you have finally reached your destination, the hullabaloo has only just started: The witch Grisabella Glockenkuss does everything wrong and and turns your family hike topsy-turvy…

Brezina Adventure Mountains 3: The Researchers’ Trail to the Mysterious Tree House

A tree house boasting several floors in the forest near Ladis: Is this the home of a researcher who wants to find out more about the nature of life? What are the ovesized animals about? Parents and children find all that out with the help of their rucksack packed for adventure and their good noses. En route they have to prove themselves as trappers, identify animal skins by touch, see the world from an ant’s perspective, sort mushrooms into edible and poisonuous ones and a lot more. Eventually a big secret of the Adventure Mountains is disclosed to the family…

With Mozart into the Brezina Adventure Mountains

  • Airplane hike
  • Witches’ house hike
  • Tree house hike
  • Rucksacks packed for adventure are available in the Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis tourist offices or at the cable car ticket offices!

Adventure Rucksack and Certificate

The rucksack filled with all adventurers need is available (at a deposit) at the Serfaus-Fiss-Laids tourist offices or at the cable car ticket offices! On return children get a certificate. Yes, now it is official: You have conquered the Brezina Adventure Mountains!!

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