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“Giocoso, molto*”: The Indoor Paradise at Mozart Vital Family Hotel

*giocoso = cheerful, lively; molto = a lot of

The buzzing family hotel: play club for children (500 m²) with new softplay jungle camp, “jungle” water paradise (400 m²) featuring the longest indoor water slide in Austria (120 m), top childcare (72 hours / week) – and a mascot that “buzzingly” snakes through your family holidays in Tirol…

Family Holidays at Mozart Vital!

In principle Mozart Vital Hotel sees itself as more of a family hotel than a children or baby hotel. The whole family can enjoy their holidays here! But if you take a look around our indoor paradise, you see that our hotel is a hotel for children! And a great one it is! Where else in Tirol can you experience such buzzing family holidays indoors? At the playing club cartoon stars dash across the screen (once per  and the kids into the new jungle camp. In our jungle bath kids whisper commands into each others' ears and the giant slide is quite a buzz. Our childcare programme offers buzzingly exciting events on six days a week and the absolute buzz: Our mascot Amadeus lives here! As a typical Tirolean he dons lederhosen and is most likely to be found in our indoor paradise…


NEW! The Softplay Jungle Camp at Mozart Play Club for Children:

“I am a child – please let me stay!” The jungle camp softplay system is quite a buzz – gigantic, colourful and safely padded. More than 50 kids (plus 1 Amadeus) can romp about there.

500m² Mozart Play Club for Children:

“Rock me, Amadeus!” The play paradise featuring a softball pool, a wooden climbing train, slides, rocking animals…gets your kids going. In the kids cinema it’s the cartoon stars that are big, from Bambi to computer-animated superheroes for the whole family (once per week)…

400m² Jungle Water Paradise:

“Tarzan, keep your chin up!” In the jungle water paradise for children everyone gets wet: pirate’s boat, waterfall shower, bamboo hut, adventure pool, paddling pool, sauna for children! And our giant water slide!

120m Indoor Hotel Water Slide:

”Buzzing!” No other children hotel in Tirol, even Austria, has such a long indoor water slide. Versatile like Amadeus, yet a hundred times bigger, it snakes its way across several floors into the jungle bath!

72 Hours of Childcare per Week:

Daily from 09.00 a.m. to 09.00 p.m. (except on Saturdays!). Even if our childcarers like to organize programmes in the outdoors – we have to mention our childcare at our indoor paradise. That is were our carers and our young guests have their holiday headquarters. Of course we also offer babycare from the age of 6  months (upon request - not during kid's club dinner times).

“Amadeus buzzes through the children's indoor paradise”

  • Mozart children play club (500 m²)
  • Jungle camp softplay system
  • Jungle water paradise (400 m²)
  • 120 m hotel water slide 
  • Supervised children's programme from Sunday to Friday (09.00 a.m.–09.00 p.m.)

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