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Family Hotel Mozart ****


Welcome to Family Hotel Mozart****  in the Tiroler Oberland. Family holidays in the Alps or skiing holidays amidst majestic ski areas (e.g. Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis ski world), summer or winter, children or parents or “without family”: wellness, a touch of genius and some music are also always part of your holidays. Holidays with a difference…

Lovely that you are visiting the new website of Mozart Family Hotel. A coincidence? Simply a stroke of luck? Have you found us by chance while googling for holidays, wellness, Tyrol, the Alps… Were we recommended by anyone? Have you searched for family holidays near Serfaus, a children's hotel for the summer? Or do you already know us…


Let’s talk about holidays, family holidays, Tyrol, wellness, summer, all the world and his wife. And, of course, also about skiing holidays, ski areas, children, families and what it is that makes a holiday exceptional.

But from the start –“da capo”*. Mozart Vital Hotel has always been a typical hotel in the Tyrolean Alps – family-friendly, comfortable; with a good cuisine, surrounded by beautiful nature and equipped with a healthy sense of humour. All of this can still be found but additionally our hotel has increased its focus on families and wellness! Just like the ski areas have expanded and Serfaus has become Tyrol's number one resort, the hotel has developed into a prime example of a family and wellness hotel.

How to convey the holiday atmosphere accurately? Maybe this way: We introduce each holiday theme with a word of the world of music, an “accento” (= an accentuation): “Gicoso” (= cheerful) for the children's programme, “grazioso” (= lovely) for the beauty & wellness area. Our gourmet cuisine has been “awarded” with an “appassionato” (= passionate), the ski areas around Serfaus with a “furioso” (= passional). This aptly sums it up and it's funny, don’t you think so?

Sometimes quite a helping of creativity was required – piece of cake for a children's hotel. So we have dug into our bag of tricks and faced our “Summer in C Major” with “Winter in Snow Major”, headed our ideas for children and parents with “mozartante” and the Tiroler Oberland region with “tiroloso” – this stands for mountains and hiking, for skiing and family holidays and is suitable for summer and winter alike.

We have been a family hotel from the start, later on the wellness element was added. Nowadays we are a wellness and family hotel and do our best to make your holidays a unique experience right from the moment you cross our doorstep. That is why guests love to come back! Even if hardly anyone knows why we are called Mozart Vital Hotel. Well, calling ourselves Family-Wellness-Ski-Alps-Vital Hotel near Serfaus would be quite too much (or to “tremolo” = tremulous) and would not include the exceptional genius that makes every single day unique, “mozartissimo” somehow…

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