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Fendels / Kaunertal

Let’s talk about Fendels: The idyllic mountain village set in the Tiroler Oberland area is only a lift-ride away from Mozart Vital Hotel in Ried. The moderately sized village has become – thanks to he invention of lifts - an outing destination almost as popular as Kaunertal, Fiss, Landeck!

Fendels / Geographie:

Fendels lies 20 km south of Landeck on an upland plateau 500 m above Ried im Inntal. Embedded in forests in the foothills of Glockenturmkamm Ridge, a typical mountain range of the Ötztal Alps, it neighbours on the Kaunertal valley. With only 250 inhabitants Fendels is one of the smallest villages not only in the Landeck district and the Tiroler Oberland region, but in all of Austria. Yet its size is its strong point! It has been connected by a road to the rest of the world (Tirol) for only 50 years. Life is slower there than in Fiss, the village opposite it, where the “Fisser Flitzer” flying device and the Funpark Fiss play up.


Fendels / History:

Fendels was first chartered as “Venels”, exclave of Hanse, part of “Laudeck” (todays Landeck) in 1288. While surrounding farms date back to historic times, the Rhaeto-Romanic village centre was destroyed by fires in 1939 and 1972 and is therefore less dense now. Until 1961 Fendels could only be reached by a steep carriage way, loads were carried by lift (built in 1939). With the building of the Kaunertal reservoir (600m long, 156m high) one of the most important reservoirs of Austria, a two-lane road was built from Prutz only in 1961. The upturn as a tourist destination started with the building of a ski lift.

Fendels / Holidays:

The picturesque holiday village in the Tirolean Alps. Many appreciate Fendels for its peacefulness. Many guests of Mozart like to go to Fendels since the base station of today’s 6-seater gondola is located right at the hotel. The hotel is thus a perfect base for tours to pastures and huts as well as mountaineering tours on the many hiking trails above Fendels. You can also enjoy a break on your way to Kaunertal. Even in winter the Ried-Fendels lift is a quiet alternative to Fiss & Co. It is especially popular on Thursdays when the piste and toboggan run are floodlit.

Fendels / Google:

Google returns some 226,000 hits for “Fendels”. Most sites are about the Kaunertal valley, ski areas, Austria, Tirol and the Fendels lift. And one hit links to a hotel that is located at the base station of this lift. The hotel is located in Ried, yet is has a perfect connection to Fendels.

Fendels with Summer Card:

Fendels too is part of the Tiroler Oberland holiday region and it offers some free extras to the free Tiroler Oberland Summer Card. With the Summer Card Gold you can enjoy even more of Fendels and the Tiroler Oberland region at a surcharge of a few euros only.

Fendels im Oberinntal

  • 86 km west of Innsbruck in the district of Landeck
  • at 1,352 m altitude
  • 264 inhabitants
  • neighbouring villages: Kaunertal, Kauns, Prutz, Ried im Oberinntal