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Fitness Hotel Mozart or
Fitness Mozart Vital Hotel

Hotel Mozart gets you in shape and is great fun! Individual fitness training is a fixed component of wellness holidays. And quite an important one: a fantastic gym, great activity programmes … squash and tennis keep you fit too!

Mozart – a Fitness Freak?

Well, that’s a bit far-fetched – to imagine Amadeus bench-pressing and soaked in sweat. But Hotel Mozart commits itself not only to mental fitness but also to physical fitness and offers everything you need for wellness trips with a fitness factor. And it literally looks good at it.


Fitness at Mozart Vital Hotel:

Our fitness centre – in top form and well-toned to the toes: State-of-the-art cardio machines – ranging from ergometer to “butterfly machine” for your chest – are at your disposal. All machines are also top from a medical point of view. At the Mozart fitness centre you can exercise, stem, pedal and wind. We know from personal experience that the interplay of tension and relief, strain and relief is decisive…

Fitness in the Outdoors:

As if the Tirolean mountains weren’t a gigantic fitness centre, as if the Summer Card offered not enough fitness programmes. No, Hotel Mozart (especially its trained wellness instructors) flexes its muscles also in the outdoors and offers a sports programme all through the year. From Nordic Walking to Qi Gong to “Join in and get fit” everything is offered for holistic exercising! As mentioned above: tense, relieve… Our supervised activity programmes are offered 3 to 5 times per week, depending on weather, demand… and they are included!

Tennis and Squash at Hotel Mozart:

Since Mozart didn’t play tennis, we take a look at Rafael Nadal. If you’ve seen the “energy pack” live then you know that there is a relationship between fitness and tennis – and tennis and fitness. On our Top outdoor court you can both improve your tennis skills and fitness! Build on your strengths and eliminate your weaknesses… Squash is a top fitness training anyway – good that there also is a squash court.

“Mozart flexes its muscles”

  • Fitness centre featuring state-of-the-art cardio machines
  • In- and outdoor activity programme - inclusive
  • For example: Nordic Walking, Shaolin Qi Gong, Meridian stretching, “Join in and get fit”

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