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“Andante*”: Hiking Holidays in Tirol

*andante = walking; andantino = somewhat faster than andante

Hiking in Tirol! If you’ve hiked all through Tirol, have even covered the Italian part of Tirol and Eastern Tirol and have also hiked in the winter: The hiking pin of the Tiroler Oberland area still deserves a place of honour in the gallery of alpine trophies. Good wellness turns out to be quite helpful…

Hiking Holidays Tirol.

This is what everyone associates with Tirol: hiking in the Alps! (In the summer of course, in winter it is skiing in the Alps!), South Tirol, East Tirol, North Tirol - the name of Tirol guarantees unique hiking experiences. The Tiroler Oberland area alone features 300 km of sign-posted hiking routes – ranging from extreme alpine tours to mountain tours for families. The wild-romantic Klammsteig path in Radurschltal valley is an insider's tip. More information can be found on the “Hiking in Tirol” interactive hiking map that includes tips, altitude profiles, GPS data and all information you need for hiking in the Alps.


Hiking in the Valley?

Of course, hiking in Tirol means heading for the mountains, in the Tiroler Oberland e.g. the Hohe Aifner Spitze summit (referred to as “Oafner” by the Tiroleans; 2,779m) that offers a fantastic view of Kaunertal Valley and Inntal Valley. It is quite funny that up there even alpinists understand why many enjoy hiking down in the valley, e.g. along Via Claudia Augusta. The magic of the Alps is also magic down in the valley. The positive and invigorating effects of hiking can be enjoyed down in the valley and up in the mountains. Down in the valley it is less strenuous though.

Perfectly Equipped for the Mountains?

Tirol lays hiking holidays at your feet – but you should head for the mountains only if you’re properly equipped. It is not easy to cover a thousand metres of altitude in your sandals, especially not if the route is border-crossing (e.g. to South Tirol). It is more relaxing to enjoy the panoramic views with sunglasses and a tube of suncream is no luxury… Good as mountain hiking is, it is even better with the right equipment. The proper equipment is available at the hotel's Vitalshop, which is open in summer and winter. By the way: Wellness treatments before or after hiking are highly recommended.

Hiking vs. Nordic Walking?

Hiking with poles has always been popular in the mountains – they support and relieve. Now it is even more popular since it has gotten around that hiking with poles is an efficient and gentle way of training. The Tiroler Oberland area features a Nordic Walking school and, of course, Nordic Walking trails: Some easy routes start from your accommodation in Ried: Inn River promenade, Herrensteig-Kalvarienberg-M├╝hlegg, Wassertalweg trail…

The Hiking Pins of the Region.

Some avid hikers come to the Tiroler Oberland not only because of the Alps and accommodations that have specialized on hikers, but also because of the area's hiking pins! The hiking pins are available in bronze, silver and gold and they are available for children too. Hiking is also a topic when it comes to family holidays, especially at Mozart Vital Hotel – and the pin makes it official: Tirol adds mountains to your hiking holidays!

”Mozart hikes in the Tirolean mountains”:

  • 300 km of signposted hiking trails in the Tiroler Oberland holiday region
  • Guided hikes
  • Brezina Adventure Mountains and more ideas for hiking with your family
  • Hiking pins in gold, silver, bronze – for children too
  • Nordic Walking school

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