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Horse Riding Holidays in the Tiroler Oberland

Manni´s Ranch is a paradise for horse riding holidays in Tirol and is only a short car ride from Mozart Vital Hotel. Manni and Mozart are friends, but there are other riding farms too inviting you to focus your holidays on horses – or to put on your Stetson. Yippy yeah!

Riding Holidays in Tirol!

First of all you need a horse for your riding holidays. In Tirol there have always been many of them. In the past neighing sounds could be heard at every second farm. All types of horses - from big Haflinger horses with blond manes to ponies for children - can be found. In the Tiroler Oberland area there is a remarkable density of horses. Riding holidays are a big thing here: Several horse farms are near Mozart Vital Hotel and invite you to find happiness on a horse-back. – The darling of horses and riders: Manni’s Ranch!


Manni´s Ranch.

No-one else is better saddled for riding holidays in Tirol than Manfred and Doris Larcher in Pfunds. Whether you want to enjoy a short field trip or a one-day tour – at and around Manni’s Ranch everyone gets their money’s worth. Everything is offered from lunge riding lessons to intensive courses. Field trips? Of course. Horse trekking for children? Certainly! Horse-drawn carriage rides? Here you go… Manni trains his horses with the “natural horsemanship” method that is based on mutual respect and trust; he is exceptionally successful. Just like in the movie “The Horse Whisperer”. Incredible how natural horse and rider move. Even more so, how quickly the horses trained by Manni respond to their pupils’ instructions…

More on the theme of riding holidays in the Tiroler Oberland area:

Wild West Riding:

Besides of classic offers for your riding holidays, Manni’s Ranch has made itself a name for riding holidays with a difference. The Wild West Riding is a hit! Riders turn into cowboys or gauchos and learn how to ride these well-trained horses with a loose rein. If that’s too much for you, just say “brrr*” and think about enjoying a horse-drawn carriage ride in the Tiroler Oberland. This way or that: Manni is popular among all who care - even just a little - about horses.

Other horse riding farms nearby:

  • Family Maass, pony riding, Ried
  • Falkeis Organic Farm, Kauns
  • Eva Gaim Horse Riding Field Trips, Prutz
  • Darrehof Horse Farm, Serfaus