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“Holidays in C Major*”: Cheerful Summer Holidays for Children and Families

*C-major = cheerful key, clear

Family and sports – sports and family: How much sports and family fit into a week of summer holidays? How much for the children and how much for the adults? The question is: Which family? Which sport? Anyway, it is recommended to pick a cheerful key and to start playing straight from the heart.

The Key for your Summer Holidays

is a cheerful one – and quite sporty too. It opens the door to a week of summer holidays for families, children and parents (but also adults without children), filled with a tailored sports and entertainment programme; just the way a week of summer holidays is meant to be. Of course our mascot Amadeus takes a hand in and so does Bibi, the region’s mascot. Classic pieces like Mozart’s Sinfonia No. 41 (Jupiter Sinfonia) and pop hits like “Super Trouper” by Abba are in C major. Cheerfulness is the key to cross the borders of genre and age. The same is true for summer holidays: Classic alpine adventures and young, innovative ideas attract young and old. (By the way: It is not surprising that Amadeus, Bibi and children love C major. You don't have to watch out for accidentals – just play straight from the heart. Okey-dokey!)


More on the theme of summer holidays for children and families:

„Best of Mozart …“

From our summer children's entertainment programme:

  • Hello, who are you? Sunday is "get-to-know-day" at Mozart Vital
  • T-shirt painting … Every child designs her/his own holiday T-shirt
  • Mhhhhh delicious! Burger or pizza party at Mozart Kinderclub
  • BBQ evening in the garden next to the biotopes
  • Hike to a hut
  • Paperchase around the large bathing lake
  • Disco for children
  • Face painting
  • Movie night
  • Balloon modelling
  • Treasure hunt
  • Show rehearsal and show
  • We paint the grey road with many colours
  • Photo Ralley

“Best of Summer Holidays…”

Regional highlights for children and parents

  • Bibiland
  • Fisser Summer Funpark
  • Serfaus adventure park with Murmliwasser park and Murmli trail
  • Adventure Mountains by Thomas Brezina
  • Adventure programme with H2O

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