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Summer Holidays in Tirol / Austria!

Summer holidays in Tirol (Austria), just like winter holidays in Tirol (Austria), are filled with music and esprit. Mountains of adventures in the Alps, wellness at its best and all that is required for family holidays – only in the summer temperatures rise up to 25°C. Hike, cycle and swim through the summer in the Tiroler Oberland...

Summer Holidays in Tirol (Austria) = Hiking in the Alps.

Summer likes to put on light, yet sturdy trekking boots before setting off: The Tiroler Oberland area is located in the Ötztal Alps and offers unlimited possibilities for hiking: pasture loop trails, summit experiences and strolls down in the valley along Inn River. 



Whether accompanied by mountain guides, with your family, on your own or with your partner - don’t forget to put on sunscreen! The sun is often underrated in the Alps. It might be less hot up here, yet you are closer to the sun; it tans hikers and bleaches the wood serviced huts are made of. Fun is served together with your snacks (further plus degrees on the mood barometer!) or a schnapps that burns down your throat. Seen that way, summer holidays in Tirol (Austria) fire up even more than winter holidays in Tirol (Austria).

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» Hiking Holidays in Tirol 

Summer Holidays in Tirol (Austria) = more than just Hiking in the Alps.

Hiking, hiking and more hiking is on the programme in the Tiroler Oberland area. Destinations range from mountain lakes to romantic gorges to fantastic vantage points. To experience the heat of the summer you can also explore the mountains by bike – and (poetic justice) cool off in a bathing lake afterwards. You can also treat yourself to exciting summer highlights. Or stick to hiking; but off the beaten tracks, please! That is what the region is known for! The Adventure Mountains e.g. are the Alp's most innovative hiking programme.

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Summer Holidays in Tirol (Austria) = Summer with Wellness.

Perfect in addition to hiking: wellness at its best! Whether you want to conquer the Alps in order to win the hiking badge in bronze or gold, don't forget that holidays in Tirol are always also about wellness from head to toe. In the summer the main focus is on your legs and feet. Your calves will appreciate a massage to fight muscle soreness. A massage is not only soothing but also helps you to continue – hiking, cycling, swimming. And if you prefer to stay on a deckchair – it won’t do no harm there either.

Summer Holidays in Tirol (Austria) = Summer with your Family.

When temperatures are up, they are more agreeable in the Alps: In any case, summer holidays spent at Mozart Vital Hotel are a hot business for families; it is one of those accommodations that offer innovative hiking programmes and top family holidays with supervised children entertainment programmes, a fantastic outdoor area at the bathing lakes, pools for adults and children, the longest hotel water slide, Amadeus the mascot etc.

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