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Tobogganing in Tirol


Toboggan Runs near Mozart Vital Hotel

Quintessentially winter in Tirol: Almost every village has their toboggan run. So do Fendels, Pfunds and Ried. The one in Ried is right next to Mozart Vital Hotel. The holiday region boasts more than 10 toboggan runs, another two are in the Fiss – Serfaus – Ladis ski area…Take your toboggan and off you go! 

Toboggan right to the Hotel!

From the hotel it is a 60-minute walk to the start of the Hohlenegg toboggan run. If you walk at a relaxed pace, pull your toboggan, let the children romp about and enjoy a break to enjoy the fantastic panoramic view of the Alps. 

Plan B – take the lift to Fendels toboggan run! You won’t need more than 10 minutes, have your toboggan carried and enjoy even more of a view: 360° view of the Alps! Both options are popular, especially in the evenings when the runs are floodlit (Wed, Sat - Ried / Thur - Fendels / Wed (Adventure Night) - Serfaus / Thur - Fiss). Especially clever tobogganists combine the two: they walk and have their toboggan carried by the lift! Whichever way you choose: of course there are rest stops and the toboggan can be rented on Thursday evening for free at Mozart Vital Hotel.

How to Toboggan in Tirol.

Hohlenegg toboggan run is not very long and not icy – perfect for connoisseurs. You are sitting rather than lying on your toboggan, use your legs to steer, brake to wait…in short: it’s the fun that’s most important and the companionship. Just like tobogganing used to be in Tirol back then when children had to toboggan to school. They were not bent on new records. If that is what you want, then you should pick another toboggan run and take part in the guest race in Spiss. Other options are Tirol’s longest toboggan run in Nauders or the two runs on the sun plateau of Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis. The Mozart shuttle brings you to the Ladis base.

Nearby toboggan runs (weather-dependent):

  • Hohlenegg Toboggan Run / Ried; Length: 1 km, easy to intermediate
  • Fendels Toboggan Run, Length: 4,5 km, easy
  • Serfaus Toboggan Run, Length: 3 km, intermediate
  • Ögghöfe Toboggan Run / Feichten, Length: 2 km
  • Falkaunsalm Toboggan Run, Length: 4 km
  • Novelles Toboggan Run, Length: 1 km
  • Pfunds Toboggan Run, Length: 1 km
  • Lärchenalm Toboggan Run, Length: 1 km
  • Bergkastel Toboggan Run, Length: 8 km