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“Improvisation?*”: Surprising Winter Holdiays for Children and Families

*Improvisation = ad hoc; intuitive

A big hello to your winter holidays: The week starts with a welcome meeting for children and parents. The carers introduce themselves and tell you where, when, what and are often surprised again and again. Then our mascot Amadeus has quite differnet views of winter, weather, sports, holidays, families and generally…

Hello Kids, Hello Families!

Every Sunday the kids club in the Hotel Mozart Vital welcomes children and families. Maybe a bit earlier or later, depending on when our guests arrive. On Saturday evening, the ski instructors of the ski school Fiss-Ladis and Fendels can inform you about ski lessons, the Kinderland, when the ski courses start. Ski courses for Fendels can be directly booked at the Mozart hotel.


Ski Courses for Children and Ski Schools!

A chapter on its own, of course one that is filled with fun, surprises and great learning effects. Week after week it is enjoyable to give children a foretaste on the ski courses. Especially since they are spiced up with highlights from our family programme including our table for children.


Every week the same programme? Of course not! The children's programme varies, and so does the introduction to it. The programme is adjusted to the number and age of the children and to the number of parents. And to the weather forecast provided by Amadeus. Of course, the introducing of the carers is organised around a central thread and the one or other cheat slip leading them through the welcome. Especially for organizing winter holidays for children one needs to have a certain talent for improvisation. A family hotel is intuitive by nature and its improvisations match up to the programme!

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Welcome to your winter holidays

Of course you will learn what’s on the programme for young and older guests.
» Winter Children Programme

Information on ski schools and ski schools for kids:

On Saturday evening, the ski instructors of Fendels and Fiss-Ladis will be here to inform you about ski lessons. Ski courses for Fendels can directly be booked at the Mozart Hotel.

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